Silvia Florido


Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation


Personal Training

"Your amazing coaching, nutritional guidance and support have dramatically improved my aerobic fitness, technique and mental toughness for the sprint triathlon beyond anything I had previously achieved on my own!" Iain M
"Silvia really took the time to understand my goals as an adult figure skater. My jumping ability, core strength and flexibility are better now than they have ever been. Silvia is patient yet focussed and training is always tough but you feel great at the end." Roberta Wheeler
> "Silvia has been my PT for nearly 2 years and I have loved every session. She is a hundred percent focused, extremely knowledgeable and inspires me in every session. Furthermore, her energy is infectious and energising! Some days I have come in with no energy, she motivates me and we always end up having a great session, I always feel great, more focused and have a better outlook when leaving the gym after my sessions. I cannot recommend her training method highly enough. LOVE HER!! Steph x" Stephanie Quoilin
> "Silvia has trained me for the last nine months. I’m 9 years old and I am Karting at the highest level. I wanted to improve my core, upper body strength, coordination, cardio and reactions. Silvia is so creative in her training and has made some really fun games for me to enjoy my training to the max. Wow this weekend I went out and managed to stay on track for all the sessions with all the big boys and did not even feel tired! I have improved so much since starting with Silvia Thank you so much! Seb x" Sebastian Minns


"During the last 18 months Silvia has helped me to greatly improve my fitness and flexibility. The sessions are always great fun - laughter amongst the hard work helps me complete the exercises.” Janet Snowball
"When I first came to you I was struggling with a lot of pain from my knees, the right one in particular, resulting in my right quad and calf muscles wasting away and being able to do less cardio exercises. This was having an effect on not only my fitness but also my mental health. your knowledge on rehabilitation work meant you instantly knew that we had to build the muscles around my knees and strengthen my core, which will give me more support. This work has resulted in me achieving a lot less pain and more freedom of movement, the quad and calf on my right leg has increased in size and strength, this has resulted in me being able to get back to many cardio classes. When I started with you I was very negative, thinking that you wouldn’t be able to help before we had already begun, but with your patience, continued support and encouragement not only have you strengthened my muscles, you have also strengthened my mental state. I feel so much more positive, making me feel everything you put in front of me is now achievable with a bit of hard work. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me." Darren Mansfield
"I was first introduced to Silvia Florido in January 2020 following back surgery from which I needed to rehabilitate. Silvia was very keen for me to give her my Medical History, to make sure any exercises I did would not make my back pain worse. I am 68 and have suffered with chronic back pain for some time. At the same time, I needed to get fitter! I trained with Silvia twice a week, she was always on time, greeted everyone with a warm smile and ensured our training time was not wasted! Silvia also has a good sense of humour. It was only due to Covid-19 that we had to stop, for the time being. Silvia always makes sure you are not training too hard – but at the same time she will ‘push’ you to your limit – which is good! I would thoroughly recommend Silvia." Martin Dew