Silvia Florido


Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation


Tailor-made rehab that gets you back to your best.

Whether you’re suffering from injury or coping with chronic pain, the road to recovery can feel long, isolated and at times even impossible.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right rehab focused in the right areas, you can overcome any obstacle, regain your fitness and improve your wellbeing.

I’ll draw on my expert knowledge to create a tailor-made personal rehabilitation programme that meets your needs.

I’ll be there to help you build back stamina, strength and confidence whilst reducing the risk of future injury.

And together, we’ll get you back on your feet.

What will you get from your rehabilitation programme?

For more information on a uniquely curated rehabilitation programme from Silvia Florido Associates, get in touch with us!

"During the last 18 months Silvia has helped me to greatly improve my fitness and flexibility. The sessions are always great fun - laughter amongst the hard work helps me complete the exercises.” Janet Snowball

"When I first came to you I was struggling with a lot of pain from my knees, the right one in particular, resulting in my right quad and calf muscles wasting away and being able to do less cardio exercises. This was having an effect on not only my fitness but also my mental health..." [read on] Darren Mansfield

"I was first introduced to Silvia Florido in January 2020 following back surgery from which I needed to rehabilitate. Silvia was very keen for me to give her my Medical History, to make sure any exercises I did would not make my back pain worse..." [read on] Martin Dew