Silvia Florido


Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation

Personal Training

Individually curated personal training programmes that work for you.

No two of us are the same. We all look for a personal trainer for distinctly personal reasons. You need a training programme that reflects this. One that’s designed to get you where you want to be in the safest, most enjoyable way possible.

I’ll create a totally unique training package, specifically designed around your aims, schedule and ability.

Together we’ll set simple, achievable goals that will help you to get better, train harder and feel healthier.

And I’ll be there with you on your journey, every step of the way.

What will you get from your personal training programme?

For more information on a uniquely curated personal training programme from Silvia Florido Associates, get in touch with us!

"Your amazing coaching, nutritional guidance and support have dramatically improved my aerobic fitness, technique and mental toughness for the sprint triathlon beyond anything I had previously achieved on my own!" Iain M

"Silvia really took the time to understand my goals as an adult figure skater. My jumping ability, core strength and flexibility are better now than they have ever been. Silvia is patient yet focussed and training is always tough but you feel great at the end." Roberta Wheeler

"Silvia has been my PT for nearly 2 years and I have loved every session. She is a hundred percent focused, extremely knowledgeable and inspires me in every session. Furthermore, her energy is infectious and energising..." [read on] Stephanie Quoilin

"Silvia has trained me for the last nine months. I’m 9 years old and I am Karting at the highest level. I wanted to improve my core, upper body strength, coordination, cardio and reactions..." [read on] Sebastian Minns