Silvia Florido


Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation

About Silvia

Born and raised in Porto, Silvia fell in love with all things fitness from a remarkably early age – whilst watching and obsessing over the 2000 Olympic Games with her Sports Journalist father. It ignited in her a profound passion for sports of all disciplines, going on to compete at the highest domestic level in both swimming and athletics by the age of nine. At fourteen Silvia began competing in 400m hurdles, setting her sights on an Olympic Games of her own.

Training at this level of intensity during crucial years of development is always a risk, and Silvia fought against persistent injuries whilst continuing to train and compete at the very highest level. Experiences working with trainers who would push athletes to breaking point taught Silvia valuable, hard fought lessons - lessons that would go on to form the founding basis of her training and rehabilitation philosophy today.

Certain that there was a better and safer way to train and rehabilitate, Silvia enrolled in the Faculty of Sports at the University of Porto. Dedicating herself to her studies, she went on to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and a master’s degree in Physical Education. Silvia also holds accreditation as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 2 Instructor and Athletics Coach.

Now living in the UK, Silvia draws on both her academic learning and extensive personal experience to create individually curated training packages for each of her many clients. She loves working with people of all levels of mobility and ability, driven on by a passionate desire to help her clients achieve their own unique goals.